Buy a Product, Plant a Tree! Purchases for the rest of 2021 will plant trees in the Amazon Rainforest! Free Standard Domestic Shipping US Orders Only

Giving Back

As a company built around creating eco-conscious, sustainable products, we felt it was time to take our commitment to the environment one step further. After carefully researching and considering a number of charitable organizations, we made the decision to partner with One Tree Planted.

One Tree Planted plants trees all over the globe. Each month we will select a different region to direct our reforestation efforts. In 2019, their organization was able to get 4 million trees in the ground!

For the rest of 2021, our reforestation efforts will be focused in the Amazon Rainforest!

With the world’s largest rainforest ecosystem, the Amazon Rainforest spans 9 countries and is home to iconic species like the Jaguar, Macaw, Amazon River Dolphin, Black Spider Monkey, and Poison Dart Frog. By holding an estimated 90-140 billion metric tons of carbon, its forests play a critical role in the fight against climate change. Unfortunately, due to logging, unsustainable agriculture, and forest fires, it’s also a high risk zone for deforestation and degradation.

This tree planting project will help protect the Amazon's biodiverse primary forests and restore degraded land. Our partners will work with local farmers to establish sustainable agroforestry using shade-grown cocoa, native tree species, and productive timber species. They will also provide training and technical assistance for participants in the sustainable agroforestry model.

We will sponsor the planting of one tree for every product sold, wherever our products are sold.

You + EarthSparked + OneTreePlanted = a Forest

Join us in our reforestation efforts today!